When it comes to small businesses in the coffee industry, investing in the best coffee roaster machine is pivotal for achieving exceptional quality and flavor profiles.

The right roaster can elevate the offerings of a small coffee business, setting it apart in a competitive market. From precision control to batch size considerations, choosing a coffee roaster holds significant implications.

Let's explore the key features and considerations that define the best coffee roaster machine for small businesses, ensuring an informed investment that aligns with your unique needs and aspirations.

How We Choose the Best Coffee Roaster Machines

Commercial coffee roasters vary in terms of design, capabilities, and cost. Coffee roasting machine options range from simple sample roasters to large-scale commercial models that can handle multiple batch sizes. As such, selecting the best coffee roaster machine for your small business requires careful evaluation and consideration of various factors.

While there are multiple factors to consider, we have narrowed down the criteria for selecting the best machine for small businesses to the following:

  • Roasting Capacity: The roaster's size and batch capacity dictate how much coffee you can produce at a time. For small businesses, it is vital to find a balance between meeting current demand and allowing for potential growth.
  • Control and Precision: Consistency is critical in producing high-quality coffee. The best coffee roaster machines offer precise control over temperature, airflow, and drum speed, ensuring consistent results with each batch.
  • Ease of Use: As a small business owner, you may have limited experience with coffee roasting. A roaster that is easy to operate and maintain can streamline the learning process and save time and effort.
  • Durability: Investing in a coffee roaster is a significant expense for any small business. Choosing a durable and reliable machine can ensure that your investment lasts for years.

Coffee roasting machines for coffee beans are available in various sizes and styles, each with unique features and capabilities. Knowing what to look for can help you make an informed decision that best suits your small business.

BOCABOCA Coffee Bean Roaster

Allows for easy monitoring

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Why We Love It:

The BOCABOCA Coffee Bean Roaster is a versatile and efficient option for small businesses. Its transparent glass design allows for easy monitoring of the roasting process, while its large capacity ensures sufficient production to meet growing demand.

Additionally, it offers precise control over roasting parameters, making it suitable for achieving consistent results with various types of beans.

This commercial coffee roaster for small businesses is also durable and energy-efficient, making it a wise investment for long-term use.

You Should Know:

This BocaBoca coffee roaster is only available in wood color and comes with a 1500-watt motor requiring 220 volts. However, the seller offers customization for voltage differences to accommodate different regions.

Users appreciate the BOCABOCA Coffee Bean Roaster's noiseless operation and easy-to-follow manual. This machine roasts coffee beans for small businesses at a consistent quality and temperature.

While this coffee roaster offers an outstanding balance of features for small businesses, it does require some assembly and may have a longer learning curve for novice users.

MFYDPP Coffee Roaster Machine

Adjustable temperature and time settings

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Why We Love It:

The MFYDPP Coffee Roaster Machine is a highly versatile option for small businesses. Its automatic turning feature ensures even roasting and eliminates the risk of burnt or under-roasted beans.

With adjustable temperature and time settings, it offers the flexibility to roast different types of beans and achieve desired flavors.

Moreover, its high-power roasting capability allows for precise control over the flavor profile of the coffee beans. The machine also has a multi-functionality feature, making it suitable for roasting nuts and grains.

This coffee roaster can be used in coffee shops, restaurants, or homes and help create unique and delicious flavors for customers.

You Should Know:

The MFYDPP Coffee Roaster Machine has a 1600W heating element that requires 220v voltage. Users appreciate the machine's durability and ease of use, but some may find the learning curve to be a bit steep.

Additionally, this machine is only available in black color and may require occasional maintenance for optimal performance. However, its versatility and efficiency make it an excellent investment for small businesses looking to expand their coffee offerings.

This machine can easily roast green coffee beans to dark or light roast. It takes about 20-30 minutes to produce a batch of roasted coffee beans, making it suitable for small-scale production.

Electric Coffee Roasting Machine

Allows for roasting up to 800g

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Why We Love It:

The Electric Coffee Roasting Machine offers a convenient and efficient way to roast coffee beans at home or in a small business setting. Its large capacity allows for roasting up to 800g of coffee beans simultaneously, making it suitable for medium-scale production.

This machine also has multiple functions, including roasting nuts and grains, providing versatility for users experimenting with different flavors. Its adjustable temperature feature and stirring rod ensure even roasting and precise control over the flavor profile of the beans.

This drum coffee roaster and its durable stainless steel construction make it a long-lasting investment for small businesses.

You Should Know:

The Electric Coffee Roasting Machine requires a voltage of 220V and is only available in silver color. Some users have reported difficulty with the initial setup, but this machine is easy to use and maintain once assembled.

In drum roasters, the beans are heated indirectly through a metal drum, which also helps in evenly distributing heat for uniform roasting. When starting to roast coffee beans, the machine produces a noticeable amount of smoke and may require proper ventilation.

However, its professional design and functionality make it an excellent option for small businesses looking to roast their own coffee beans.

KALDI Coffee Gas Roaster

Suitable for small businesses or home use.

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Why We Love It:

The KALDI Coffee Gas Roaster offers a unique and efficient way to roast coffee beans with its gas burner requirement. Its 200g capacity makes it suitable for small businesses or home use.

This roaster also has the option of a manual handle or motor drive, allowing users to choose their preferred method. The perforated drum design allows even roasting, and the bimetal thermometer ensures accurate temperature measurement.

Moreover, this machine has a durable stainless steel construction and a Korean-made SPG motor for stability and reliability. For freshly roasted beans, the KALDI roaster is a great option.

You Should Know:

The KALDI Coffee Gas Roaster requires a gas burner and a power supply of DC12V for operation. Some users have reported difficulty assembling the machine, but it is easy to use once it is set up correctly.

This roaster's small capacity and occasional maintenance requirements may not make it suitable for large-scale production. Still, its versatility and durability make it a great option for home or small business use.

Additionally, this machine may produce more smoke during roasting beans than other electric roasters, so proper ventilation is necessary.


Are coffee roasters worth it?

Coffee roasters are a worthwhile investment for small businesses looking to offer unique and freshly roasted coffee to their customers. They provide control over the flavor profile of the beans and can save money in the long run by eliminating the need to purchase pre-roasted beans.

How long does it take to roast coffee beans?

The time required to roast coffee beans depends on various factors such as the type of roaster, batch size, and desired roast level. In general, producing a batch of roasted coffee beans takes around 20-30 minutes. Coffee roasts that take longer tend to have a more complex flavor profile.

What are the two types of coffee roasters?

The two main types of coffee roasters are drum roasters and hot air (fluid bed) roasters. Drum roasters use a metal drum to heat the beans indirectly, while hot air roasters use direct heat to circulate and roast the beans. Coffee shop owners and small businesses often prefer drum roasters for their greater capacity and ability to produce consistent results.

How do you maintain a coffee roaster?

To maintain a coffee roaster, it is essential to clean the machine regularly and remove any leftover chaff or debris. It is also essential to follow any specific maintenance guidelines the manufacturer provides to ensure optimal performance.


In conclusion, selecting the best coffee roaster machine for a small business is a critical decision that can significantly impact the quality and consistency of the coffee offerings.

It's essential to consider factors such as batch size, ease of use, control options, and the overall roasting process. Investing in a high-quality, reliable machine can streamline operations, maintain product quality, and contribute to customer satisfaction.

Additionally, prioritizing a roaster that offers room for growth and scalability can ensure that the business is well-equipped for expansion.

By carefully evaluating these criteria and choosing a roaster that aligns with the business's specific needs, small coffee enterprises can establish a strong foundation for success in the competitive coffee market.

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