Are you a coffee lover with a penchant for the nutty and delightful? If you're on the hunt for the perfect cup of hazelnut coffee that tickles your taste buds and invigorates your senses, you've come to the right place. Welcome to "The Aroma of Excellence: Unveiling the 5 Best Hazelnut Coffee Picks" – your ultimate guide to finding that roasted hazelnut-infused magic in a cup.

Picture this: a morning filled with the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans mingling with the warm, toasted hazelnut scent that fills your kitchen. It's a sensory symphony that's hard to resist, and for many, hazelnut coffee isn't just another caffeinated beverage; it's their favorite coffee indulgence.

In this article, we're about to embark on a flavorful journey, exploring the top five hazelnut coffee brands that offer that nutty flavor and taste amazing with every sip. So, if you're ready to buy coffee that elevates your morning routine and makes each cup a delightful experience, keep reading as we unveil the secrets to hazelnut coffee perfection.

Our Selection Criteria

Selecting the best hazelnut coffees from the vast variety available on the market requires a meticulous process. We considered several key factors to ensure that the chosen coffees stand out and become your new favorite.

First and foremost, we focused on the quality of the coffee beans. The foundation of any great coffee lies in the beans themselves. We sought out the highest quality beans to ensure a rich and satisfying flavor in each cup.

Additionally, we paid special attention to how well each brand incorporated the essence of roasted hazelnuts into their coffee. The infusion of this nutty flavor needed skill to create a harmonious and delightful blend.

Of course, the flavor had to be exceptional. We sampled numerous hazelnut coffees to ensure that each one offered a unique and memorable taste that could compete with, and surpass, other coffee flavors in the market.

To cater to different preferences, we considered versatility in brewing methods. Whether you prefer drip coffee, a French press, or any other method, we made sure the selected hazelnut coffees could accommodate a range of brewing styles.

Lastly, sustainability and eco-friendliness were important factors in our selection process. We value brands that demonstrated a commitment to environmentally responsible practices in their coffee production.

Our goal was to present you with hazelnut coffees that met and exceeded these criteria, ensuring that each cup you brew delivers an extraordinary coffee experience every time.

Folgers Toasty Hazelnut Flavored Coffee, 72 Keurig K-Cup Pods

Folgers Toasty Hazelnut Flavored Coffee, 72 Keurig K-Cup Pods

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Reasons for Admiration

Indulge in the enchanting world of coffee with Folgers Toasty Hazelnut Flavored Coffee, available in a convenient pack of 72 Keurig K-Cup Pods. Its remarkable blend of flavors sets this coffee, apart making each sip a journey of delight.

This medium-roast coffee features an artful fusion of toasty hazelnuts, creating a subtly sweet and aromatic profile that captivates your senses. With a caffeine content that keeps you refreshed, it's perfect for those who savor their morning brew.

Essential Insights

Easy to prepare with any Keurig coffee maker, this Folgers creation offers the perfect cup every time. What truly elevates it is the dedication to craft and passion – each batch is meticulously roasted in New Orleans, ensuring exceptional quality.

Unlock the world of Folgers Toasty Hazelnut Flavored Coffee, where perplexing flavors meet burstiness in every brew. It's not just coffee; it's a delightful experience waiting to enliven your taste buds.

Cameron's Coffee Single Serve Pods, Flavored, Vanilla Hazelnut Flavored, 72 Count

Cameron's Coffee Single Serve Pods, Flavored, Vanilla Hazelnut Flavored, 72 Count

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Reasons for Admiration

Elevate your coffee experience with Cameron's Coffee Single Serve Pods in the delectable Vanilla Hazelnut Flavored variety, available in a generous pack of 72 pods. What makes this coffee truly exceptional is its unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

Essential Insights

This light roast coffee, naturally and artificially flavored, brings together the rich essence of sweet vanilla and buttery hazelnut in every invigorating sip. But what sets Cameron's Coffee apart is its dedication to responsible sourcing. They are committed to 100% Responsibly Sourced Coffee from around the world, ensuring ethical practices from bean to cup.

Moreover, their positive focus extends beyond sourcing; it encompasses environmental consciousness too. With initiatives to reduce waste, such as minimizing water consumption in the roasting process, Cameron's Coffee goes the extra mile to do the right thing.

Don Francisco's Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Medium Roast Coffee Pods

Don Francisco's Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Medium Roast Coffee Pods

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Reasons for Admiration

Introducing Don Francisco's Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Medium Roast Coffee Pods, a true delight for your senses. In this 100-count pack, you'll discover a coffee experience like no other, and here's why we wholeheartedly recommend it.

This medium roast coffee offers a flavorful, rich nutty aroma, with subtle hints of coconut flavor. It's a blend of premium Arabica coffees that create an enchanting cup every time. The combination of natural and artificially flavored elements makes each sip a unique and delightful experience.

Essential Insights

But what truly sets Don Francisco's apart is their commitment to quality and sustainability. You can feel good about using these 100% Arabica coffee pods in your coffee maker, knowing they're blended, roasted, and packed right here in the US.

Not only is it a family-crafted coffee with a legacy dating back to 1870, but it's also sustainably minded. Don Francisco's Coffee is dedicated to reducing its footprint and promoting sustainable practices throughout the coffee industry.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Hazelnut Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup pods, Light Roast Coffee beans

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Hazelnut Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup pods, Light Roast Coffee beans

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Reasons for Admiration

Welcome to the world of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Hazelnut Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup pods, where every sip is a journey into the heart of flavor and sustainability. Here's why we hold this coffee in high esteem.

Essential Insights

This light roast coffee is more than just a brew; it's a brand with a compelling story. Born in the mountains, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters embodies an adventurous spirit and a deep commitment to improving the land through sustainably sourced coffee. With each cup, you're not just savoring coffee; you're supporting a mission to bring the world a richer, better cup of coffee.

Indulge in the sweet, buttery flavor of hazelnuts with this light roast coffee. It's a rich and satisfying experience akin to the warmth of roasted nuts. The commitment to quality is reflected in its certification as Orthodox Union Kosher.

NESCAFÉ Rich Hazelnut, Instant Coffee, 100g Jar | 2- Pack

NESCAFÉ Rich Hazelnut, Instant Coffee, 100g Jar - 2- Pack

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Reasons for Admiration

Step into the world of NESCAFÉ Rich Hazelnut Instant Coffee, a true coffee indulgence that deserves your attention. Here's why we hold this coffee in high regard.

In each 100g jar of this dark roast instant coffee, you'll discover the perfect blend of richness and hazelnut flavor. It's not just coffee; it's a delightful experience that's kosher-certified and caffeinated for your enjoyment.

Essential Insights

What truly sets it apart is its full-bodied richness. With just 10 calories per serving, it delivers a guilt-free, flavorful cup of coffee. Plus, a single jar makes over 50 cups, ensuring that you have plenty of this delightful brew to savor.

But that's not all; you're getting a pack of two 100g jars, doubling the pleasure. NESCAFÉ Rich Hazelnut Instant Coffee is more than just a caffeine fix; it's a burst of hazelnut perplexity in every cup.

Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide: Tips To Choose The Best Hazelnut Coffee

When it comes to selecting the best hazelnut coffee, there are several factors to consider to ensure you're sipping on a cup of delight. In this comprehensive buyer's guide, we've compiled a list of essential tips to help you make an informed choice:

  • Coffee Beans Quality: Start by examining the quality of the coffee beans used in the hazelnut coffee. Look for 100% Arabica beans, which are known for their superior flavor and aroma. These beans often produce a more refined and enjoyable cup of coffee.
  • Roast Level: Determine your preference for the roast level. Hazelnut coffee can come in various roast levels, from light to dark. Light roasts offer a more pronounced hazelnut flavor, while dark roasts may have a richer, nuttier taste. Choose according to your taste preference.
  • Flavor Authenticity: Check whether the hazelnut flavor is natural or artificially infused. Many coffee brands use both natural and artificial flavorings. If you prefer a more authentic taste, look for brands that rely on natural hazelnut extracts.
  • Packaging: Consider the packaging of the hazelnut coffee. Opt for options that come in airtight and resealable bags or containers to keep the coffee fresh for longer.
  • Certifications: Look for certifications such as organic, fair trade, or kosher if these are important to you. These certifications can indicate ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.
  • Caffeine Content: Determine the caffeine content of the coffee, especially if you have specific preferences for caffeine intake. Hazelnut coffee can range from decaffeinated to highly caffeinated options.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Read reviews and seek recommendations from other coffee enthusiasts. Learning about others' experiences with specific brands or products can be invaluable in making your decision.
  • Price: Set a budget for your hazelnut coffee purchase and compare prices across different brands. Keep in mind that premium-quality beans may come at a slightly higher cost.
  • Brewing Method Compatibility: Ensure that the hazelnut coffee you choose is compatible with your preferred brewing method, whether it's a drip coffee maker, French press, or single-serve pod system.

By keeping these tips in mind, you'll be well-equipped to select the best hazelnut coffee that aligns with your taste preferences, ethical considerations, and brewing habits. Enjoy your journey into the world of nutty, aromatic bliss with each cup of hazelnut coffee you brew!

FAQs: The Best Hazelnut Coffee

What is hazelnut coffee, and how is it made?

Hazelnut coffee is a flavored coffee variety infused with the essence of hazelnuts. It's typically made by adding natural or artificial hazelnut flavorings to roasted coffee beans during or after the roasting process. The beans absorb the flavor, resulting in the distinctive nutty taste of hazelnut coffee.

Is hazelnut coffee made from real hazelnuts?

Hazelnut coffee flavor is often created using natural or artificial hazelnut extracts, rather than actual hazelnuts. While some premium brands may use real hazelnuts in their blends, most hazelnut coffees achieve their flavor through extracts, ensuring a consistent taste.

Does hazelnut coffee contain nuts and allergens?

While hazelnut coffee contains hazelnut flavorings, it typically doesn't contain actual nuts and is unlikely to trigger nut allergies. However, if you have severe nut allergies, it's essential to read the product labels carefully and consider potential cross-contamination in manufacturing facilities.

Can I brew hazelnut coffee in any coffee maker?

Yes, hazelnut coffee can be brewed in various coffee makers, including drip machines, French presses, pour-over devices, and single-serve pod systems. Ensure that the coffee you choose is compatible with your specific brewing method for the best results.

Is hazelnut coffee suitable for those who are watching their calorie intake?

Hazelnut coffee can vary in calorie content depending on the brand and whether it's sweetened. Typically, unsweetened hazelnut coffee contains minimal calories, around 2 calories per 8-ounce cup. However, flavored creamers or sweeteners added to hazelnut coffee can significantly increase its calorie count.

Are there decaffeinated hazelnut coffee options available?

Yes, there are decaffeinated hazelnut coffee options for those who prefer to avoid caffeine. These decaf versions undergo a process to remove most of the caffeine while retaining the hazelnut flavor. Check the product label to ensure it's decaffeinated if that's your preference.


In the world of coffee, finding the perfect blend is a delightful pursuit, and hazelnut coffee offers a symphony of flavors that beckons the senses.

As we've ventured through our journey to unveil the top hazelnut coffee picks, we've discovered a realm of nutty richness, aromatic delights, and sustainable stories that elevate our daily brews.

Now, it's your turn. Which hazelnut coffee do you find most intriguing, or do you have a favorite that didn't make our list? We'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations. Share your hazelnut coffee experiences in the comments below, and together, let's savor the world of coffee, one cup at a time.

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Thanks for reading, and happy shopping! 

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