Embarking on a delightful journey into the world of tea reveals an extraordinary tapestry of flavors, aromas, and global traditions. Amidst this vast array, certain teas stand out as the epitome of excellence, earning the title of the best in the world. 

Beyond being a beverage, these teas encapsulate a sensory adventure, weaving together the artistry of time-honored techniques and cultural nuances. From Darjeeling's verdant slopes to Japan's tranquil fields, each tea-producing region contributes a unique masterpiece to the global symphony of exquisite teas. 

This introduction aims to uncover the secrets behind some of the best teas in the world and guide you toward discovering your new favorite brew.

How We Choose the Best Teas in the World

As with any ranking system, determining the best teas worldwide is subjective and can vary significantly among different individuals. From Ceylon teas to Chinese green tea, each variety has its unique profile that caters to different palates. Also, white tea is known for its delicate and complex flavors, while Pu-erh tea has a robust and earthy taste.

However, certain factors remain constant in our selection process, guaranteeing the highest quality and flavor. Choosing the best quality is always the heart of a product. These include the grade of tea leaves, sourcing methods, processing techniques, and overall taste experience.

 Here are the critical criteria we consider when choosing the best teas in the world:

  • Origin: The location where a tea is grown plays a significant role in its final taste and aroma. We prioritize teas from reputable regions known for their superior quality and production methods.
  • Processing Method: How tea leaves are harvested, wilted, oxidized, and dried affects their flavor profile. We look for teas that undergo careful processing, enhancing their unique characteristics. 
  • Cultivar: Similar to grapes in wine-making, different tea plant varieties produce distinct flavors and aromas. We pay close attention to the cultivar used in each tea, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.
  • Appearance: The visual aspect of tea also contributes to its overall quality. We consider factors such as leaf shape, color, and consistency when evaluating the best teas in the world.
  • Taste: Ultimately, the taste of a tea is what sets it apart from others. We carefully examine each tea's flavor profile, noting any distinctive or exceptional qualities that make it stand out.

VAHDAM, First Flush Darjeeling Tea Loose Leaf Black Tea

Sourced directly from premium Indian plantations

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Why We Love It: 

The VAHDAM First Flush Darjeeling Tea is an exceptional loose-leaf black tea that encapsulates the essence of spring. Sourced directly from premium Indian plantations, this tea boasts a delicate and decadent flavor profile that is perfect for any time of day. 

The brand's commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices makes it a standout choice for conscious consumers. VAHDAM is dedicated to providing fair wages for their farmers and supporting education for their children while being a carbon-neutral and plastic-neutral brand. 

Its leaves are vacuum-sealed within 24-72 hours of harvesting, ensuring maximum freshness and preserving the garden-fresh aroma and taste. With its mellow and fragrant qualities, this tea embodies the title "champagne of teas" given to Darjeeling teas. 

You Should Know:

With its unique flavor profile and commitment to making a positive impact, the VAHDAM First Flush Darjeeling Tea deserves its spot on our list of best teas worldwide. Its herbal tea blend also provides various health benefits, from boosting metabolism to reducing stress and anxiety. So not only will you be enjoying a delicious cup of tea, but you'll also be taking care of your mind and body. 

One downside is that some may find the price point higher, but it's worth the investment for those looking for a premium and ethically sourced tea experience. Additionally, some may prefer a stronger caffeine kick in their tea, so this may not be the best choice for those seeking high energy levels. 

Packing this tea in airtight, moisture-resistant resealable bags also adds to its convenience, making it easy to store and preserve for long periods. Its quantity also allows for multiple servings, making it an excellent option for sharing with friends or family. 

Harney & Sons English Breakfast, Loose Leaf Black Tea

include antioxidants and flavonoids

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 Why We Love It: 

Harney & Sons' English Breakfast tea is a classic staple in the world of tea. This blend of 100% Keemun black tea hails from China and has been enjoyed by the English since the 1800s.

Its rich, full-bodied flavor makes it a perfect choice for starting your day or enjoying it as an afternoon pick-me-up. Not only is this tea delicious, but it's also ethically sourced and of the highest quality. 

Harney & Sons is committed to providing its customers with the finest teas, sourcing its ingredients from all over the world, and traveling to taste and select each one personally. This dedication to quality and education sets them apart as a brand in the tea industry. 

Standout nutrients in this tea include antioxidants and flavonoids, making it a healthy and refreshing choice for any time of day. Plus, with its loose-leaf tea form, you can customize your cup according to your preferred strength and flavor intensity. 

You Should Know:

While Harney & Sons' English Breakfast tea is loved by many, some may find it to be on the pricier side. However, it's worth the investment for those seeking a premium and ethically sourced tea experience. 

Apart from price, some may also prefer a stronger caffeine kick in their tea, so this may not be the best choice for those seeking high energy levels. Drinking tea this one may give you a lower caffeine level due to its black tea base. 

Lastly, while the loose-leaf form allows for customization, some may find it less convenient than pre-portioned tea bags. However, with some practice and experimentation, brewing loose-leaf tea can become a fun part of your tea-drinking routine. The quantity of this tea is 8 ounces, which allows for multiple servings and makes it an excellent option for sharing with friends or family.  

Royal Blend, 125g Loose Leaf Decorative Caddy

Featuring Assam black tea sourced

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 Why We Love It:

Fortnum & Mason's Royal Blend is an authentic luxury tea experience. Featuring Assam black tea sourced from some of the finest gardens in India, this blend is full-bodied and malty, with a rich flavor that pairs perfectly with milk and sugar. 

Its quality ingredients and classic taste make it a top pick for any tea lover looking to indulge in a premium experience. The decorative caddy packaging adds elegance and makes for a beautiful gift option during the holiday or any special occasion. 

Fortnum & Mason is known for its long-standing history and expertise in tea, having been supplying only the finest teas to customers since 1707. This tradition continues with their Royal Blend, which their expert tea tasters still handpicked and blended perfectly. 

Apart from its delicious taste, this tea also offers health benefits such as antioxidants, polyphenols, and caffeine for a natural energy boost. And with its loose leaf form, you can adjust the strength of your cup according to your preferences. 

You Should Know:

As with many luxury teas, Fortnum & Mason's Royal Blend may have a higher price tag. However, it's worth the investment for those seeking a truly exceptional tea experience. 

Additionally, while this blend is traditionally enjoyed with milk and sugar, some may prefer to drink it black or with alternative sweeteners, making it a versatile choice for different tastes. 

It has an apple and cinnamon infusion; Plum and Cinnamon tea are festive additions to your holiday spread and make for thoughtful gifts. And don't miss out on the Christmas Orange & Dark Chocolate Biscuits, a delightful treat that pairs perfectly with a cup of Royal Blend. Like the name royal, this blend truly lives up to its name and is fit for a king or queen. 

Hojicha Roasted Japanese Green Tea Loose Leaf Tea

Superior quality and improved flavor

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Why We Love It:

We love Hojicha Roasted Japanese Green Tea from Arahataen Farms for its superior quality and improved flavor. Made with green tea leaves grown in sugarcane soil, this tea is naturally sweet and has rich benefits. 

The unique roasting process over charcoal adds an enhanced flavor to the tea without making it too bitter or high in caffeine. This makes it the perfect choice for those sensitive to caffeine or prefer milder tea flavors. 

This tea is suitable for all ages and has physical health benefits such as improving blood circulation and reducing cholesterol levels. With its natural and safe ingredients, you can enjoy this Japanese green tea without worries. 

You Should Know: 

As with other loose-leaf teas, brewing and clean-up may require extra effort compared to tea bags. However, the result is a more authentic and flavorful cup of tea worth the preparation time. 

Additionally, while this particular brand offers a matcha flavor, hojicha tea can come in different varieties, such as sencha or genmaicha, depending on the tea leaves used. Explore and find your favorite hojicha flavor to add to your tea collection. 

We recommend steeping 2-3 grams (about a teaspoon) of loose-leaf tea in hot water for the best brewing results for about 30 seconds. This will help unlock the tea's flavor and aroma without making it too strong. Adjust steeping time and amount of tea leaves based on personal preference.

Pu-erh tea,2016

Known as one of China's top tea

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Why We Love It:

We love Pu-erh tea, the 2016 Chen Sheng Hao Big Brown Tree variety, for its unique and bold flavor. This Chinese tea is produced in Yunnan Province and has been known as one of China's top ten famous teas for centuries. 

The tea soup, or liquor, of Pu-erh tea, is a beautiful orange-yellow color with a thick consistency and a sharp and long-lasting aroma. Its flavor is strong yet smooth, with hints of earthy and woody notes reminiscent of the natural environment in which it is grown. 

Its natural fermentation process sets this particular Pu-erh tea apart, which gives it a distinct taste and character. This 2016 Chen Sheng Hao Big Brown Tree variety is made with leaves from the Bulang Mountain area. It is known for its ancient tea gardens and a complete ecological system within the tropical rainforest. 

You Should Know:

Pu-erh tea can be categorized into raw (sheng) or cooked (shu). The 2016 Chen Sheng Hao Big Brown Tree is a raw variety that undergoes natural fermentation and aging over several years.

Cooked Pu-erh tea, on the other hand, goes through an artificial fermentation process that involves adding water to the tea leaves. In addition to its robust flavor, Pu-erh tea is also believed to have numerous health benefits, such as aiding digestion and weight loss and improving heart health. 

One downside is that Pu-erh tea, especially the raw variety, can be an acquired taste due to its strong and unique flavor profile. However, for those who appreciate this type of tea, it is a true gem that should not be missed. 

It comes in 357g (12.6oz) packages, making it an excellent option for avid tea drinkers who want to keep a larger supply. And with its ability to be re-steeped multiple times, one package can last for a long time. 


Which tea is perfect? 

There is no perfect tea, as it depends on personal preference. However, Japanese green tea and Pu-erh tea are highly regarded for their distinct flavors and numerous health benefits. To drink tea, you should try different varieties to find the one that suits your taste buds. Green teas are generally considered the best option for those looking for a low-caffeine and healthy tea.

Which country produces the best tea in the world?

Many countries produce high-quality tea, with some of the most well-known and renowned being China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka. The best tea in the world is subjective and can vary depending on individual taste preferences. In herbal teas, countries like Egypt and South Africa are known for their high-quality herbs and spices used in tea blends.

What country invented tea?

There is a long history of tea cultivation and consumption in many countries, making it difficult to determine the country that invented tea. However, China is often credited as the birthplace of tea, with records dating back to 2737 BC during the reign of Emperor Shennong.

What is fruit tea? 

Fruit tea is a type of herbal tea that gets its flavor and aroma from dried fruits, herbs, and spices. It is typically caffeine-free and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Popular fruit teas include apple cinnamon, orange ginger, and mixed berry blends.


In conclusion, the world of tea offers a diverse tapestry of flavors, aromas, and cultural richness. From the delicate notes of green tea to the robust depth of black tea and the nuanced profiles of oolong and white teas, each variety captivates the senses uniquely. Beyond taste, tea embodies centuries of tradition, with regions like China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka contributing distinctive blends. 

The global appreciation for specialty teas, such as Darjeeling and matcha, highlights an evolving palate and a growing awareness of tea's health benefits. As a soothing ritual and a catalyst for social connection, the best teas transcend mere beverages, becoming an integral part of a global heritage.

So why not expand your taste horizons and try out some new teas? You never know what delicious discoveries await!

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Thanks for reading, and happy shopping

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